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There’s simply no room for ambiguity in this. This is who we are. We buy comics, we read comics, we think comics, we live, breathe and consume comics. This is the way. ‘Nuff said.

Always Coffee

The black symbiote courses through our veins like a venomous visitor from another world. The brewed blood of the bean gives us life beyond life. We don’t just “drink” coffee, we are coffee.

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Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee Always Comics Always Coffee

We are comic fanatics, and we’re continuing to grow our collection of comic books, full arc collections and graphic novels we’ve gathered from all over the place, so if you’re on the lookout for some new reading material for your personal collection or as a gift, look no further than Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee!

We are committed to donating a portion of proceeds from every coffee bag sold to the programs and initiatives that champion childhood literacy, and provide comic books to sick and hospitalized children nationwide. ☕️🩷

Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee
Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee Always Comics Always Coffee

Our dedication to the sacred bean is matched only by our insatiable appetite to search for the best tasting and unique coffee roasters that pair perfectly with that ever-growing reading backlog of yours. Try a bag of beans for yourself and pick up a new whip to guide you through your daily caffeinated voyage.

We've Got Books, Mags & Zines!

We've got more than just comics and coffee to satisfy your dirty little nostalgic desires. Explore our Books and Mags & Zines pages to dig thru a growing selection of books, punk rock zines and comic book magazines.

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We try to keep steadily active on all of our social media channels with updates, new issues added, and all the @BWMComics stuff we can talk about. Join us everywhere!


We celebrate every #MagentaMondays with a new post on our socials showcasing one selected comic book from our personal magenta(esque)-colored covers comic book collection. This coveted color-centric comic collection has opened all kinds of reading opportunities reaching far beyond publishers, titles and characters - as well as creating a beautiful mosaic for display.

BWM Comics #MagentaMondays on YouTube
BWM Comics #MagentaMondays on YouTube
BWM Comics #MagentaMondays on YouTube
BWM Comics #MagentaMondays on YouTube
BWM Comics Magenta Mondays
BWM Comics #MagentaMondays on YouTube

Latest BWM Comics Headlines

We’ve Got Some Hats Now!

Get ready to level up your geek chic with Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee’s latest apparel additions that include some awesome embroidered hats, incredibly cozy sweatshirts, and more!

BWM Comics Participating as Vendors at Gen X Virtual Comic Con June 29

We’re embarking on our first multi-dimensional convention adventure, and we’ll be hangin’ and slangin’ on the ol’ www at this year’s Gen X Virtual Comic Con Saturday, June 29th starting at 12pm EST presented by Gen X Comics.

Buy Comics and Coffee and Send US to the Columbus Coffee Festival!

We are beyond honored to have been cordially invited to set up a pop-up shop at the prestigious 9th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival on October 5th & 6th at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, but first, we need to raise some cash!

Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee

Always Comics. Always Coffee.

Dive into the heavily-caffeinated universe of Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee, where your love for comic books and coffee finds a perfect blend. As an online comics and coffee haven, we offer an extensive collection of back issue Marvel, DC, and independent comics, captivating story arc collections, and graphic novels that cater to every kind of comic enthusiast. But that's not all — we also provide a selection of delicious coffee to keep you energized, along with custom t-shirts, mugs, and unique goodies. At BWM Comics, we're dedicated to fueling your adventures, making every sip and every page turn an experience to remember.