Hawkworld Collection 1-3 (1989)


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Book One: Flashzone. Thanagar is really two worlds. There’s the world of the Towers, where the native born rulers of the conqueror world live in opulent decadence. Then there’s the Downside, where millions of cast-off aliens live lives of desperate poverty and fear of the Wingmen, the winged police of the ruling class. Among them is Ensign Katar Hol, son of the world’s most respected scholar and statesman, collector of Thanagarian artifacts…and the man destined to one day become…Hawkman. But before that day comes, the native police officer will have to uncover the harsh realities of Thanagar. A world of racism, drugs, cold existence. A civilization that has enslaved other worlds and other races. A people who have forgotten and abandoned their legends.

Book Two: Freefall. Katar Hol is dragged deeper into the Thanagarian rebellion as he is convicted of treason and sentenced to a remote island where he learns more about life…and the true history of Thanagar.

Book Three: Phoenix Flight. Hawkgirl confronts Katar Hol with evidence that shows him the identity of the gunrunner for the Downside aliens…and finally clears his father’s name of a decade-old charge of treason. -MyComicShop

Collections of Issues 1-3
Published: August-October, 1989
Script: Timothy Truman
Art: Timothy Truman, Enrique Alcatena, Sam Parsons
Cover: Timothy Truman

Hawkworld 1 (8.0 VF)
Hawkworld 2 (7.0 FN/VF)
Hawkworld 3 (8.0 VF)

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