Hawkworld Collection 1-6 + Annual 1 (1990)


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The evil Byth has fled Thanagar for Earth, with Hawkman and Hawkwoman hot on his trail. On Earth, Katar and Shayera link up with the Thanagarian ambassador and begin to lay down roots for high-flying adventure set on Earth and Thanagar and all points in between. Katar and Shayera kick off their goodwill tour of Earth in Chicago…but no slick presentation can prepare them for the campaign launched by Byth. What is the mysterious connection between Thanagarian Katar Hol and Earth-man Carter Hall? Hawkman abducts Flash and takes him along on a quest to discover the meaning behind the hawk symbol and the riddle of the Hawkmen of two worlds. -MyComicShop

Collections of Issues 1-6 + Annual 1
Published: June-December, 1990
Script: Timothy Truman, John Ostrander
Art & Cover: Graham Nolan

Hawkworld 1 (9.2 NM-)
Hawkworld 2 (9.4 NM)
Hawkworld 3 (9.2 NM-)
Hawkworld 4 (9.4 NM)
Hawkworld 5 (9.4 NM)
Hawkworld 6 (8.0 VF)
Hawkworld Annual 1 (9.2 NM-)

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