Lex Luthor Man of Steel Collection 1-5 (2005)


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Superman has been called many things, from the defender of Truth, Justice and the American way to the Big Blue Boy Scout. In the new 5-issue miniseries Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, he’ll be called something he never has before: a dangerous threat to all humanity! Fresh off his dynamic run on Superman, Brian Azzarello teams up with Lee Bermejo (Batman/Deathblow) for a bold story in which readers get a glimpse into the mind of Lex Luthor. Long considered one of DC’s most vile villains, MAN OF STEEL reveals why Luthor chooses to be the proverbial thorn in Superman’s side – simply put, to save humanity from an untrusted alien being. Or, as Azzarello himself puts it, “In this story, Superman is the villain.” -Previews

Collections of Issues No. 1-5
Published: March-August, 2005
Script: Brian Azzarello
Art & Cover: Lee Bermejo

Lex Luthor Man of Steel 1 (9.0 VF/NM)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel 2 (8.5 VF+)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel 3 (8.0 VF)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel 4 (8.0 VF)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel 5 (8.0 VF)

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