Superman Strength Complete Collection 1-3 (2005)


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What is the true source of Superman’s strength? A young Clark Kent watches in awe as his supernatural abilities steadily grow, and he stands at the brink of a new world of power and possibilities. But for the first time, he finds reason to question the limits that his adopted parents have placed on him. Confronting the consequences of his actions, Superman must forge in steel the moral world-view that proves to be the source of Superman’s real strength! -Previews

Collections of Issues No. 1-3
Published: January-March, 2005
Script: Scott McCloud
Art: Aluir Amancio, Terry Austin
Cover: Alex Ross

Superman Strength 1 (7.5 VF-)
Superman Strength 2 (7.5 VF-)
Superman Strength 3 (7.5 VF-)

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