Teen Titans Titans Hunt Collection 21-24 (1998)


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Pylon and Dark Nemesis do their best to discredit the Teen Titans. Deathstroke takes on the Teen Titans, while anti-Titans sentiment sweeps the public. Risk, Argent and Fringe try to free Prysm, Waverider appears before the de-aging Atom, and Superman, Changeling, CM3 and Omen try to locate the Teen Titans. Superman, Captain Marvel Jr. and Changeling attempt to rescue the Titans from a ship bound for the H’San Natall home world. -MyComicShop

Collections of Issues 21-24
Published: June-September, 1998
Script: Dan Jurgens
Art & Cover: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund

Teen Titans 21 (7.0 FN/VF)
Teen Titans 22 (7.0 FN/VF)
Teen Titans 23 (7.0 FN/VF)
Teen Titans 24 (7.0 FN/VF)

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