G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Collection 1-7 (2007)


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The life of Thomas Arashikage has taken him down paths that have allied him with both G.I. Joe AND Cobra. Now he’s away from both sides of the war, and getting into trouble all his own! -Previews

Collections of Issues 1-7
Published: May-November, 2007
Script: Larry Hama, David Huseo
Art: Mark Robinson, Michael Bills
Cover: Sean Murphy, Kalman Andrasofszky

G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 1 (9.2 NM-)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 2 (9.2 NM-)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 3 (9.2 NM-)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 4 (9.2 NM-)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 5 (9.2 NM-)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 6 (9.0 VF/NM)
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 7 (8.0 VF)

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

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