Deathmate Epilogue 1 (1994)


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“Armageddon Interruptus” Time is running out as the expanding universe created by Void and Dark Solar’s joining has reached the 20th century, consuming everything in its wake! All the heroes in the Image/Valiant Universe face imminent extinction unless an unholy alliance between Solar, Supreme, Master Darque, Doctor Eclipse and Lord Fate can race forward through time to prevent the future versions of Dark Solar and Void from consummating their love. Master Darque, unbeknownst to the others, wants the known universe to be destroyed because the necromantic energy created by the holocaust will transform him into the Supreme Being! -MyComicShop

Issue No. 1
Published: February, 1994
Script: Bob Layton
Art: Marc Silvestri, Bob Layton, Joe Quesada, Scott Williams
Cover: Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri
Notes: Foil cover

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

9.2 NM- Near Mint- High Grade

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