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Intro and origin of Night Man; Johnny Domino survives a car accident; When walking home from the hospital, he can hear a man’s thoughts that indicate he wants to kill a woman; Alarmed, Johnny believes he may be going crazy because of the hunk of metal that is still embedded in his brain, but decides to investigate this man in case he isn’t insane; He follows the man to a restaurant and overhears the man set up a date with the waitress there for the upcoming Saturday; Johnny leaves the area and rushes home to decide what to do where he comes into contact with two burglars; Donning a costume, Johnny defeats the two burglars, proving to himself that he has what it takes to face a killer if he needs to. -MyComicShop

Key Issue No. 1
Published: October, 1993
Script: Steve Englehart, Barry Windsor-Smith, Chris Ulm, Mark Evanier
Art: Darick Robertson, Andrew Pepoy, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Floyd, Sergio Aragones
Cover: Darick Robertson
Notes: Key: appearance of the Night Man, previously appeared as Johnny Domino. First appearance of Deathmask. Scratch on cover

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