Amazing Spider-Man 349 Newsstand (1991)


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“Man of Steal!” Part 1 of 2. The Black Fox is on the prowl again! And on this occasion the renowned jewel thief has his eye on the Trask diamond! Coincidentally, the Daily Bugle sends its ace photographer to cover the diamond’s unveiling at the Trask Center! So when the wily fox makes his move, the web-slinger swings into action! It looks like Spider-Man is going to stop the fox dead in his tracks and recover the diamond! But someone else wants the diamond too! A certain Eastern European monarch known for clashing with the Fantastic Four! Wow, is the wall-crawler going to challenge Doctor Doom? Caution is advised! -MyComicShop

Issue No. 349
Published: July, 1991
Story: David Michelinie
Art & Cover: Erik Larsen, Randy Emberlin
Notes: Newsstand variant. Bending on corners of front cover

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

5.5 FN- Fine- Mid Grade

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