Darkhawk Portals of Power Collection 19-20 (1992)


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Portal breaks into the Crestmore Research Labs where his armor is being studied and is attacked by the Guardsmen who are guarding it; The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attacks the Guardsmen because they want the armor; Darkhawk and Spider-Man show up and defeat the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with the help of Portal; Portal agrees to work with Darkhawk to find out where their powers come from just before Sleepwalker shows up saying he wants the armor. -MyComicShop

Collections of Issues 19-20
Published: September-October, 1992
Script: Danny Fingeroth
Art: Mike Manley, John Heebink, Aaron McClellan
Cover: Mike Manley

Darkhawk 19 (9.2 NM-)
Darkhawk 20 (9.2 NM-)

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