Fallen Angels 1 (1987)


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“Runaway”, Magneto calls Moira MacTaggert and asks for her help in evaluating his charges in the New Mutants and she agrees to come to the U.S. with Siryn and Madrox; Outside the mansion, the kids are playing a friendly, non-powered soccer game when Sam runs into Bobby and hurts him; In retaliation, Bobby activates his sunspot powers and throws Sam violently into a tree; Feeling down on himself and with all of his friends off at the hospital with Sam, Bobby enters Magneto’s office to wait for his return but sees a confidential student file written by Professor X which seems to indicate that Xavier was worried Bobby would become arrogant and turn to evil like his father (who recently joined the Hellfire Club); Magneto and the kids return to find that Bobby has left an apologetic letter and run away; Warlock takes off to try and find him. -MyComicShop

Issue No. 1
Published: April, 1987
Script: Jo Duffy
Art & Cover: Kerry Gammill, Tom Palmer
Notes: Small tear on cover

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

5.5 FN- Fine- Mid Grade

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