AZPunk Comp CD V2 (2003)


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Arizona punk rock compilation CD of 34 local AZ punk rock and hardcore bands from 2003 produced by Still in original shrink wrap. Comes with a free vinyl sticker!

Upon purchase, you also receive a link to download all of the MP3 tracks for this album.

  1. Parkway Wretch β€’ Andrew Lawson
  2. B.Y.O.W. β€’ Wrecking Ball
  3. Casket Life β€’ Drawn To Blood
  4. Sidetracked β€’ All I Have
  5. 80*D β€’ My Car Sucks
  6. Spindle β€’ At The Door
  7. Calabrese β€’ Blood In My Eyes
  8. Mid-life β€’ 2:16AM
  9. Bullet Train To Moscow β€’ Pars For Party
  10. Where Eagles Dare β€’ Despite The casualties
  11. Shark Pants β€’ Watergun
  12. The Dames β€’ You Will Be Mine
  13. Labor Party β€’ I Won’t Do It
  14. The Wongs β€’ I Can’t Say No
  15. Demolition Bois β€’ Have Another Drink
  16. The Deans β€’ Jimmy Jimmy
  17. Idiotkin β€’ Again
  18. Swing Ding Amigos β€’ Nyquil
  19. The Corrupt β€’ My First Punk Song
  20. The Wankers β€’ Groups
  21. Blemish β€’ Boys Lie
  22. Vadoom β€’ Tanya
  23. Reburn And The Skidmarks β€’ Do The Math
  24. No Gimmick β€’ I Won’t Tell
  25. Monster Squad β€’ We Need
  26. Authority Zero β€’ Siempre Loco
  27. Line Of Fire β€’ Left Behind
  28. North Side Kings β€’ Lowlife
  29. Smoky Mountain Skullbusters β€’ We’re Gonna Die
  30. Glass Heroes β€’ American Muscle
  31. Blanche Davidian β€’ Marilynesque Chambers
  32. The Wrongsiders β€’ Death Or Glory
  33. Half Empties β€’ Pist N Broke
  34. Last Action Zeros β€’ Smash The Past
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