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Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee

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A dream nearly 40 years in the making, BWM Comics was born from the incessant need to break away from the mundane and create something unique and worthy of our short time in this life. Something to share with fellow geeks, both young and old alike — geeks like us, so desperate to find some form of escape outside of the unsettling comforts of worthless apps and tiresome streaming television. Something that encapsulates the very foundation of what it means to be human — art, storytelling and community. Something that celebrates the very desire that first created the myths and legends that have propelled mankind for hundreds of thousands of years. Something that takes two multi-billion dollar industries and grinds them into a fresh steaming hot brew of “grab some coffee and kick back with a comic book for a while”.

We packed up 43 years of comic book collecting in Arizona, threw the kids and cats in the car (gently, of course), said “¡Adiós!” to our beloved desert, and planted new roots in the tundras of mid-Ohio. Here, we’ve worked tirelessly sifting through decades of collecting to release nearly our entire personal collection back into the wild. But this is just the beginning.

Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee

Kiki & Micah Elliot, Founders of BWM Comics

Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee

Comic spelunking at antique shops

Blackwater Market Comics & Coffee is a continuous work-in-progress intended to capture the love, comfort and the relaxing excitement that comes with enjoying a great comic book, manga or graphic novel with a great cup of coffee, while celebrating both the way you like it. We’re not just an online comic book and coffee shop, we’re comic community members ourselves, connecting with other community members, building grassroots friendships to explore what it really means to bring popular, classic, unique and diverse comic books to readers while indulging in a delicious cup of coffee roasted from the unique small business roasters we are proud to represent.

Our selected coffee roasters are personally curated from around the U.S., and offer a unique and delicious glimpse into our own personal tastes. Coffee roasters who are artists, veterans and community leaders. We hand-pick coffee roasters who believe that staying true to their ethics and principals make a coffee company great. The country is awash with unique and diverse coffee companies who build their beans on the do-it-yourself ethos, and who aren’t afraid to shatter the common molds of bland corporate coffee that cares more about amplifying profits over people’s lives. It is our mission to tirelessly search to find these unique coffee companies and deliver them directly to your mug.

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