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Part 3 of 6. “Preparations for War!” The remaining heroes of Earth marshal their forces for a full out assault on the Mad Titian. But past transgressions threaten to tear them apart from the inside. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, and Quasar attend a convergence of the cosmic gods of the universe. If the heroes fall then these unbelievably powerful beings will engage Thanos in a battle that could tear apart the very fabric of reality. -MyComicShop

Key Issue No. 3
Published: September, 1991
Script: Jim Starlin
Art & Cover: George Pérez, Joe Rubinstein
Notes: Key: First appearance of Terraxia whom Thanos creates in an attempt to make Death jealous. First cameo appearance of Master Hate, a cosmic entity and antithesis to Mistress Love. Newsstand variant.

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