Inhumans 2 (1998)


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“Genotypical,”The newest group of young Inhumans prepare for their transformation; It is their last night before terrigenesis, and they are forced to grapple with mixed emotions ranging from wonderment to confusion and even some fear; The changes that come with exposure to the terrigen mists can cause drastic changes within an Inhuman; Questions range as to what sort of changes should one expect, what new powers will be gained from these changes, what color will one be and how will one look?; Tonaja’s fears and doubts are examined in particular as she seeks comfort from her grandmother; It is the night before terrigenesis and the children enjoy a final night of childhood games and pranks; Dinu, Nahrees, and Neifi play a trick on Lockjaw when they ambush him and trick him into teleporting them; Tonaja, Kalikya, and Dewoz decide to spy on Maximus the mad. -MyComicShop

Issue No. 2
Published: December, 1998
Script: Paul Jenkins
Art: Jae Lee
Cover: Geof Darrow

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