Iron Man 231 Newsstand (1988)


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Armor Wars. Part 7 of 8. “Reborn Again” In the aftermath of last issue’s explosive events, Tony Stark lies broken and bruised. His red and silver Centurion Armor has been destroyed by the superior armor of Firepower. Weeks ago Tony found out his super technology had been stolen and could have been the catalyst for many of the techno-villains in the Marvel Universe. Vowing to retrieve this stolen material, Tony declared an Armor War, but he did not stop at the villains. Techno-heroes like Stingray and the Guardsmen of the Vault were also victims, and the Russian genius known as Gremlin perished while in the armor of Titanium Man. Now, defeated, Tony enters his lab and does the only thing he can… create a new and even more powerful red and gold armor! Introducing the new Iron Man! And Firepower is his first priority! -MyComicShop

Issue No. 231
Published: June, 1988
Script: David Michelinie, David Michelinie, Bob Layton
Art: Mark Bright, Bob Layton
Cover: Jackson Guice, Bob Layton
Notes: Newsstand variant, tearing around top staple on spine

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

4.5 VG+ Very Good+ Low Grade

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