Iron Man 290 (1993)


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“This Year’s Model” 30th Anniversary Special. Double-Sized issue. Gold foil cover. Tony Stark is alive! And everyone at Stark Enterprises is thrilled to have their boss back… except one person: James Rhodes! The erstwhile Iron Man is deeply hurt that Tony didn’t tell him about his covert cryogenics plan! However before Tony can reconcile with Rhodey, he needs to build another suit of armor! And build it quickly as a trio of battledroids are about to attack S.E.! Wow, just back from the dead, is the golden avenger ready to fight for his life again? Cameo appearances by Abe Zimmer and Dr. Erica Sondheim. Special feature: Seven-page description (with schematics) of Iron Man’s new armor: the Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit. The NTU-150 suit allows Tony Stark to control the armor virtually despite being paralyzed. -MyComicShop

Issue No. 290
Published: March, 1993
Script: Len Kaminsk
Art: Kevin Hopgood, Steve Mitchell
Cover: Kevin Hopgood, Mike DeCarlo
Notes: Foil cover

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Dimensions7 × 10.5 in

7.0 FN/VF Fine / Very Fine Mid Grade

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